We put a Callsign on the back of every bottle because callsigns tell the stories and lore of aviators. Enjoy!


Jaws is someone with a zest for life. When he's not raging in his F-35 he loves playing guitar, snow boarding and spending time with family and friends. Jaw's mission in life is to help inspire people to be their best. He was a Thunderbird Solo pilot. His favorite jet is the mighty F-35 which he currently flies.

Fangs flew the intimidating F-22 Raptor! He demonstrated and lived out the characteristics of a weapons officer: Humble, credible and approachable. But he also drew people in with his sense of humor and care for others. He was a proud husband, father and leader. Fangs passed away in 2020 and left a legacy of greatness with his family and all he came in contact with. He was a mentor to Ryan "Neo" and encouraged him to follow his dream of starting Be Jet Clean. The F-22 in the BJC logo is a tip of the hat to Fangs and all he stands for. 

Tred wanted to fly fast! Tred became a fighter pilot in the F-15E and later in the F-16C as a Thunderbird solo stunt pilot. Tred flies almost everyday and feels more comfortable in a fighter jet than anywhere else! He values time in the air, nature and most of all his wife and family. 

"Drift" Wood got his start with service by serving as a volunteer firefighter in his hometown. He then became an F-15E Weapon Systems Officer controlling the various radar and targeting pod systems on the fighter jet. Drift enjoys the great outdoors and time with his family and friends. Drift is one of the original Co-Founders of Be Jet Clean.


Neo is an F-15E & F-16C Combat & Thunderbird fighter pilot. Neo met Drift flying the mighty F-15E Strike Eagle and they would later start Be Jet Clean together. Neo got the name Neo because his enthusiasm and demeanor reminded his squadron mates of Keanu Reeves in the Matrix. "Neo, the One."


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