About Us

About us

Ryan (callsign “Neo”) was deployed in a combat zone, flying F-15E’s, and asked his family to ship him some soap from back home. When the mainstream soap arrived, Ryan realized that the mainstream soap was just as bad as the hand soap! Ryan knew he could do better so, after returning home, he turned his kitchen into a lab and began to blend essential oils & SLS free cleansers. Some guys have a wood shop. For Ryan, his wood shop and passion became blending bold scents like eucalyptus & mint and sandalwood & tea tree. This passion evolved into bottling the first 2,000 bottles of Jet body wash in Ryan’s living room and selling out of all of them in just 3 months! Dale (callsign “Drift”) joined the team while flying F-15E’s with Ryan in the Sawtooth mountains of Idaho. Now, Be Jet Clean reminds every guy to "Be Your Best Today."

Co-Founder and CEO Ryan Bodenheimer and his crew chief after flying in a Thunderbird show as Thunderbird #2 in Grand Junction, CO in 2017.

Co-Founders Ryan and Dale after flying the F-15E together. Ryan and Dale bottled the first 2,000 bottles of products in Ryan's kitchen in Boise, Idaho while they were both stationed at Mountain Home AFB, Idaho. They sold out in 3 months.

Be Jet Clean Co-Founder Dale "Drift" Wood strapped into the back seat of an F-15E Strike Eagle.