About Us

About us

Ryan was on a deployment overseas when we realized that mainstream soaps were a terrible experience. When he returned home he created his own company and vision. Along with another fighter pilot they made the first 2,000 bottles of Jet Wash body wash in Ryan's kitchen. Be Jet Clean is now a social media phenomenon and the go-to shave and shower company for those who believe in becoming the best version of themselves. Be Jet Clean helps you take off clean and fresh everyday!



Co-Founder and CEO Ryan Bodenheimer and his crew chief after flying in a Thunderbird show as Thunderbird #2 in Grand Junction, CO in 2017.

Co-Founders Ryan and Dale after flying the F-15E together. Ryan and Dale bottled the first 2,000 bottles of products in Ryan's kitchen in Boise, Idaho while they were both stationed at Mountain Home AFB, Idaho. They sold out in 3 months.

Be Jet Clean Co-Founder Dale "Drift" Wood strapped into the back seat of an F-15E Strike Eagle.